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At Agency Q, we use our expertise, industry knowledge and vast Swiss and international networks to create bespoke, effective and inspiring print, digital and social media campaigns for the world’s leading luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. We are proud of our hands-on approach, which means that we really work with our clients as a genuine extension of their team. We are passionately interested in our clients’ businesses, and work closely with their teams to ensure that our marketing and PR activity supports their business objectives, for an impactful and intelligent approach.

Agency Q clients can expect strong campaigns leading to product placement, brand awareness thanks to the strong media relationships we’ve developed over the years. We drive brand partnerships, events, celebrity outreach, social media to help convert our work directly into increasing revenue.

What we do

Campaigning à la carte

From the launch of international brands into new markets to product placement and influencer outreach, Agency Q is a strong partner within the realm of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. We’re passionate about who and what we represent and work hard to create results in the media that actually mean something.

Communication Strategy

With the increase in the complexity of our environment and the overflow of information, the type of communication and the choice of channels is becoming visibly more relevant. With a strategic communication plan, we help brands nurture their credibility. Through clear communication, we support brands convey their stages effectively.

Corporate Communications

In order to stand out from the environment, it is essential to position oneself ideally in the market and to sharpen the identity of a company. Together with our clients, we define which goals and target groups are to be reached with which measures and messages.

Brand Communications

Whether it’s uncovering a corporate brand’s meaningful purpose, galvanizing the employer brand, or unleashing the power of a product brand to innovate and influence, we connect across your multi-stakeholder audience. With the appropriate measures, we help position a brand in the public eye, give it a distinctive image and give it the trust it deserves.

Media Relations

We nurture and value a hands-on approach to building actual relationship with media. Therefore, maintaining contact with media is one of our core competencies. We develop stories with relevance and identify the optimal form of distribution, from press releases to story pitching to background interviews.

Influencer Marketing

We maintain outstanding relationships with influencers. Our expertise as an influencer marketing agency allows us to match the right influencer to your brand, service, product, or event. We lead campaigns through social media channels and understand how to meet KPI's. Our recommendations will ensure your brand relates to the right audience for each initiative as we work with our influencer community to craft content that resonates with your audience.

Product PR

Product placement is all about connecting with the consumer, no matter where they are. We use traditional media relations, influencer marketing, or social media to highlight a product's unique selling proposition. In this way, we actively engage with the target group and give it the attention it deserves.

Event Management

We create events that serve to tell your brand's story. An event that communicates your brand message, increase awareness, and creates buzz! We ensure smooth implementation, from conception to on-site support.

What matters

Enhance Brand Perception

Since 2006, Quynh Arguello, Founder of Agency Q, works in the consumer goods industry mainly for luxury fashion and beauty brands. She has a profound corporate communication and public relations experience and operates with a vast PR network.

These brands trusted us for many years.

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